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Name:TY600/1000 Chocolate Coating Machine
Category:Chocolate molding machines
Specifications:Non-standard specifications
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Product Description
●TY600/1000 Chocolate Coating Machine This machine presents both functions of chocolate coating and cooling. It consists of chocolate coating machine, driving force system, refrigeration system and elec-controlling parts. The machine is suitable to make the coating processing for the biscuit, candy, dried food and expanding food.
●This machine provides the special function of turning the preparation tank in 45°for pouring. This special design is better for the machine cleaning and maintenance. Based on different demands from difference customers, it is optional to select nuts dotting, graphic painting etc. It provides multifunction of production perfectly.
●The temperature isolating covers of this cooling tunnel possesses the know-how of the double function of temperature preserving and recycling of the cooling wind. They are made of MFE resin, which meets the international sanitary standard. The cooling efficiency is obviously higher than the normal and traditional machines.
●The conveying belts inside the coating head and cooling tunnel are made of stainless steel, PU belts. This machine accepts the transducer to control the speed, which provides the practical and advantage functions. It is one of the ideal chocolate special equipments.