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Name:QM500Z type continuous mill group
Category:Chocolate syrup making machines
Specifications:Non-standard specifications
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Product Description


●QM500Z continuous combined ball mill machine of special chocolate syrup equipment is upgrade technology from QM500 models.≥3 sets of QM500 models are combined into a closed continuous high-efficient energy-saving chocolate special syrup making machine. Selective special pump, pipeline conveying combination design, PLC programming control technology, menu operating system functions, all make the traditional chocolate syrup making technics be updated.

●The working principle of this combined design adopts balls which is different from the working principle of conche machine with metal scraper. Under the condition of the designed output ≥500 kg / hour, the grinding fineness≤20~25 m standard, and saving electricity ≥ 4 times, the heavy metal content of chocolate is several times lower than that of similar type standard, which is beyond the international standards of food hygiene.

●The integrated index from user’s proves that continuous syrup making machine makes crystal structure of chocolate syrup particles round status, and makes the chocolate fine taste, lubrication quality. It not only inherits the advantage of traditional batch type chocolate syrup making technology, but also deeply loved by users with its advantages of high capacity, balance fineness environmental protection and energy saving type etc. The combined type equipment is also suitable for bean, flour, oil liquid slurry, and daily chemical oil fine grinding process.